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Composite Tissue Transplantation in Turkey

Turkey is one of the fastest growing countries in the world in terms of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Approximately 10 years ago the first two arms transplantation in Turkey was performed in Akdeniz University. Antalya which is the city of this university placed had began a famous place for all kind of complicated transplantations […]

How to Achieve a Beautiful Body

Body Beauty Woman’s body Especially for young women body beauty is as important as face beauty. When you look at the naked human body from a distance female body have some characteristic features: In the upper chest area there is a convex contour due to the breasts fullness. Inferiorly this convexity is immediately followed by […]

Awake Surgery

Surgery without putting patient asleep For most people surgery means anesthesia and anesthesia is equal to general anesthesia or narcose. But sometimes it is not easy to perform operations under general anesthesia because of the limitation of anesthesiologist and operating room equipped for general anesthesia. In most hospitals surgical specialities have a room for local […]

What Should You Know About Facelift

When Do You Need A Facelift? Whether woman or man everybody desires to look beautiful. However beauty and youthness replaced by aging as time goes on. Everybody aware of that earliest signs of aging appear in the face. Employers usually prefer young and dynamic staff to work with. A lot of experienced workers are at […]

Breastfeeding With Silicone Implants

Does Silicone Implant Affect Breastfeeding? Most of the breast augmentation operations are done on young women. The most effective breast augmentation way is still inserting a silicone breast implant although autologous fat injection augmentation is a rising trend. The most important hesitation of young women about breast operations is fears about breastfeeding. Can every breast […]

Nose Job

Nose aesthetics are among the most frequent aesthetic operation in the world. Two decades ago if somebody talks about aesthetics it is understood as rhinoplasty. At that time and today rhinoplasty are named as “nose job” in lay population. Why nose aesthetics are popular? In every culture and race face is the most important part […]

What Does a Beautiful Body Mean?

Are Slim Bodies Beautiful? Body aesthetics are particularly important for women. Some persons usually consider slim bodies as beautiful. Food intake is essential for survival and unfortunately hunger is a real problem for many countries in the world. In contrast developed countries produce more food than they need. The food industry grows continuously and encourages […]

Hand aesthetics

Hands reflect many aspects of our personality. A lot of information about a person can be obtained just looking at her/his hands: Social and cultural level, job, health status and most importantly age. Whatever her/his face looks like the age can be predict from the appearance of the hands. For people caring about aesthetics hand beauty is […]