Nose aesthetics (Rhinoplasty-Nasoplasty)


Nose is the most prominent and the first noticed part of our face. Its shape and volume contribute to the facial impression.

The reasons for asking nose aesthetics can be for:

  • Bone or cartilage excess over the dorsum of the nose (hump)
  • Visible bend (deviation)
  • Long or short nose
  • Ugly tip (most pointed part of the nose)
  • Unpleased positioning of the tip (lower or upper)
  • Abnormally large or narrow width
  • Obvious asymmetries

There are several methods for aesthetical reshaping of the nose. Today there is two basic approach “Open” and “Closed”. The difference between them is: in open technique a small cut is done in the columella (the column between lip and the tip of the nose in the middle).

Personally I prefer “open approach”. Despite common opinion aesthetic nose operations cause little pain after surgery. Nowadays we seldomly or not use intranasal tampons. Bruises over eyelids usually disappear within two weeks. Usual downtime for nose aesthetics is two weeks or less.

What is the criteria for successful nose aesthetics?

According to my personal philosophy a person who turns back to the everyday environment after nose aesthetic (not told to the friends) should be welcomed by “Hey what happened to you? You look gorgeous. Did you change you makeup? ” words but nobody should understand the nose operation immediately. In daily life if people are pointing this person and saying to each other: “Look this is an operated nose” then this operation is a failure whatever the shape is. That means the nose should be beautiful and natural.

New Advances In Rhinoplasty

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You may visit the website of American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for pre and post-op pictures.  (please read)

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