Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a relatively new specialty in medical history. Greek term plastos means formed and molded. Plastic and Reconstructive surgery repairs or reconstructs the damaged or missing parts of the body.

Appearance of our face plays an important role in our social life. At the beginning Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery born to treat disfigured faces (mostly punishment or combat victims). To achieve this goal new and unusual surgical techniques were introduced and this specialty grew by time dealing with congenital anomalies, mutilating face tumors, unhealed wounds, microsurgery, transplantations, craniofacial surgery, transsexual surgery and of course aesthetic surgery and more.

The aim of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is to establish the face and body integrity, to return the disfigured individuals to the normal social life and make them happy. So every visible part of human body is a potential target for this specialty.

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