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Skin Lesions Requiring Surgical Treatment

What is a Skin Lesion? Our skin has a more or less homogeneous appearance. Apart from physical injuries, there may be some formations that disrupt this smooth appearance. These lead to different properties, both visually and tactilely. For example, a raised appearance of skin attracts attention even if there is no color difference. Or a […]

Protruding Ears

The ear, which is one of our most important sense organs, has two main parts: 1. The visible part. This is called the outer ear. There is also an invisible part, which is two separate parts: 2a: Middle ear, 2b: Inner ear. Ear Aesthetics Most of our facial structures are aesthetically important (eyes, nose, eyebrows, […]

Patient Examination in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Regardless of the specialty, doctors’ first communication with their patients begins with talking to them face to face, listening to their complaints and most importantly physically examining them. Communication with doctors without face to face meeting If you cannot reach a doctor personally regarding your complaint, you can contact him/her by phone, live video call […]

How Abdominoplasty Is Done

How Tummy Tuck is Performed Tummy tuck, which is one of the most effective methods of providing body beauty, is called abdominoplasty in the medical language. When is abdominoplasty performed? A smooth tummy image is one of the sine qua non of body beauty. However, there are various situations that distort this image. We can […]

Vitamin C Benefits

Are the Vitamin C Benefits Overrated? In the early centuries before and after the discovery of America, the most feared disease of seafarers who sailed and / or crossed the ocean for a long time was “scurvy”. Its symptoms were weakness, gingival recession and tooth loss, hair loss, bleeding on the skin, depression and mental […]

The Relationship Between Walking and Longevity Of Life

Daily step count and life duration It has long been said that regular exercise is beneficial for a healthy and long life. But the concept of regular exercise is not very clear. Instead, it is generally accepted that daily walking is a more practical and easy exercise method. However, when it comes to walking, there […]

Plastic Surgery and Narcosis

Narcosis in Aesthetics Like all surgeries, plastic surgeries are also painful and precautions must be taken for this. The Department of Anesthesiology provides services in this regard. Before the operation, the patient is made pain free and then the operation begins. This process is called anesthesia. The main types of anesthesia General Anesthesia (Narcosis) The […]

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

What is PRP? This term, which is the abbreviation of the words “Platelet Rich Plasma”. Platelets, also known as thrombocytes, are one of the important factors that ensure blood clotting. In the 1970s, plasma containing a large amount of platelets was prepared for the treatment of a disease called “thrombocytopenia” and started to be used […]