What Should You Know About Facelift

When Do You Need A Facelift?

Whether woman or man everybody desires to look beautiful. However beauty and youthness replaced by aging as time goes on. Everybody aware of that earliest signs of aging appear in the face. Employers usually prefer young and dynamic staff to work with. A lot of experienced workers are at risk to achieve a better job position because of their aged appearance. Because of this and other reasons face rejuvenation procedures are getting more and more popular nowadays.

What has been done for face rejuvenation?

Face rejuvenation had began with rhytidectomy and chemical peeling about one century ago. Facial rhytidectomy operation was named as “facelift”, and chemical peeling was named as “phenol peeling”. Facelift has been done by elevating the wrinkled facial skin, removing the excess part and suturing back tightly. To prevent unsightly scars cuts were put on in front and back of the ears and into the hairs. Although these procedures are producing good results they are invasive and need down time and healing time with considerable physical disturbances. Today’s working people are interested with minimally invasive or non surgical procedures with no downtime. These procedures are laser treatments without skin burn, filler and botulinum toxin injections, suspensions with special sutures, radiofrequency and microwave treatments. However none of them are as effective as a facelift operation.

How is it decided that it is time for facelift?

Most of the facial wrinkles can be treated by minimally invasive treatments. Botulinus toxin injections and fillers work well. Microfat injections from the same person even works better. Mild skin drops can be treated by suture suspension techniques. But as aging goes on one day none of them would be enough for a decent face rejuvenation. Now it is time for a facelift. However nobody can predict this time because it differs from individual to individual.

What is done in a facelift?

The goal of the facelift is removing some excess skin and erasing the wrinkles by stretching. The incisions for this procedure did not change too much even today. The most suitable places for hidden scars in the face are in front of the ear, around ear lobe, behind the ear and inside the hair. From this entrance all the skin over the temple, cheek, jowl and neck can be elevated from deep structures and stretched to the different directions. At the same time we may stretch the deep fascia of the face and get a more stable result. Excess skin is cut and the opening was closed living an almost hidden suture line.

Why facelift is not the first chose?

Although face lift is a very efficient operation at the same time it is a big and serious operation. During the elevation of the skin some important face structures might be damaged. One of them is the facial nerve. Trauma to this nerve causes paralysis of different parts of the face and creates a marked disfigurement. Although the length of the skin cut is short the tunnel or cave under the skin is large. That means an important wound. It may cause considerable swelling, bruising and pain. These problems may disappear during weeks even months. Although it is rare some part of the face skin may go to necrosis resulting unsightly scars. This is a real problem for smokers. Another important issue is facelift can not treat the volume deficit of the face. The volume should be replaced by proper filing materials and the most reliable material is autologous fat. Fat injections should be done before a facelift. The average time to see the real result of the facelift is 3 months.

How should you choose your surgeon?

Now there are aesthetic or cosmetic surgeons or aestheticians on practice. Scientifically and legally all kind of aesthetic operations should be done by plastic and reconstructive surgeons. On the other hand many medical and surgical specialities trying to put some “cosmetic” items in their fields. The reason of this is the uncertainties of the lows and the profitability of the aesthetics. Some medical doctors even nurses can declare themselves as “cosmetic” or “aesthetic” specialist. Some surgeons may introduce themselves as “cosmetic surgeon”. To protect yourself from unqualified doctors the best action is to find a board certified plastic surgeon around your area and to ask them to show their certifications to you.