Breast Lifting

Treatment of Ptotic Breasts

Conditions that compromise the beast beauty are mainly related to the volume. Inadequate volume is treated by breast enlargement (breast augmentation) and excessive volume is treated by breast reduction. However another important component of breast beauty is proper projection. Sometimes good projection is even more attractive than volume. Dropped breasts are called as “ptotic breasts”

Definition of Breast Ptosis

The lowest part of the breast tissue below the chest skin is called as inframammary fold. The projected breast may or may not roll down over the inframammary fold. The areola is the dark colored circle placed at the top the beast cone. The nipple is the projection in the middle of the areola including milk channels. Both of them are called as nipple areola complex (NAC). Normally NAC should be at least with the same level or over the inframammary fold. If it is placed at a lower level than the inframammary fold then the breasts are ptotic.

Reasons of Breast Sagging (Breast Ptosis)

The conical shape and anterior projection of the breasts are provided by some attachments (ligaments) between chest skin and breast tissue. That means chest skin is the main component to fix the breast tissue. If the skin loosens then it drops down with the breast tissue. Why the skin loosens? Different factors are responsible. They may include:

  • Aging. Skin elasticity reduces by age and this is a well known fact. Everything attached to skin drops with the skin including breasts
  • Breastfeeding. During pregnancy breast volume increases and the breast skin stretches. With the termination of breastfeeding breasts return to the previous volumes however breast skin may not regain the pre pregnancy tightness resulting dropping with the breasts.
  • Excessive volume (heavy breasts). Big breasts my have good projections in young ages buy by time the weight of the breasts expands the skin resulting looseness and dropping with attached breasts.
  • Excessive weight loss (loss of the breast volume). Obesity causes excessive fat accumulation in the breasts resulting bigger breasts. After marked weight loss previously distended and expanded breast skin may not contract back and drops down with breasts.

Breast lifting is done for giving beautiful appearance and projection to the dropped breasts. It is also called as “mastopexy operation”. Pure mastopexy operation is done to the breasts with adequate volume. If the volume is inadequate or excessive it is combined with reduction or augmentation mammoplasties.

How To Do (Operation Technique)

The goal of breast lifting operation is to elevate the NAC to a suitable level and give a conical shape to the flattened breast tissue. Transferring the NAC to a upper position leaves a circular scar around it and also leaves a vertical scar beneath it. The whole scar looks like a lollipop shape and calls as lollipop scar. The length of the vertical part of the scar gets longer when the degree of the dropping (ptosis) is more.

The following video schematically describes the operation: