Commercial Fillers And Covid-19 Vaccine

Specific vaccine reaction

There are some reports that in the persons who had commercial filler injection before may have some side effects after Covid-19 vaccine. The time of filler injection may be months even years before the vaccination.


All vaccines stimulate immune system. After Covid-19 vaccination immune systems works more than usual and may attack not only the specific target but all other foreign bodies including commercial fillers resulting some unexpected consequences.

Type of side effects

After Covid-19 vaccine mild eritema, odema, pain and inflammation may be seen around previous filler injected area. They may disappear spontaneously even without any treatment.


In most cases symptoms are mild and simple treatments like ice or cold compress application can be adequate. In more symptomatic cases antihistamine or cortisone pills may cause relief in a few days.


After the news about side effects of Covid-19 vaccine in the filler pre injected persons a skepticism about vaccination is aroused. These facts have utmost importance:

  • Covid-19 disease is much more dangerous than vaccine side effect.
  • Reported side effects are mild and do not cause serious consequences.
  • If happens treatment of complications are much easier than the treatment of Covid-19 disease.