Brow Lift

Dropped brows create pressure over the upper eyelids and cause visual problems. It is not aesthetically pleasing also. Dropped brows can be elevated by forehead lift operation. Another alternative is elevating the brows with endoscope from small cuts without opening the whole forehead. In elderly persons excision of elliptic skin peaces just over the brow effectively  elevate it.

All these procedures leave some scars. Prof. Ozgentas prefers a less invasive procedure for brow lifting. In this procedure long U shape sutures are placed between under hairy skin and under the brow and the knots are tightened  in controlled manner until the desirable brow elevation is achieved. Sutures are inserted from tiny puncture holes with long needles and final knot is buried under the hairy skin into the hole. Eventually there is no cut and visible scar after this procedure. This is also called as “brow elevation”. If the brows drop back after a couple of years the procedure can be repeated.

Botulinum toxin can elevate the brows considerably if injected into the wright place. Effect of the toxin diminishes by time and disappears completely in 4 to 9 months.

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