Buttock aesthetics

Buttocks are not only an anatomic region. They are the important feminine objects of the women’s body. In many cultures large hips resemble fertility and for most men a beautiful woman silhouette consists of a prominent breast, narrow waist, large hip bone and prominent buttock.

Although fashion always favors the slim bodies in women, prominent buttocks in a harmonious curve with legs and  back are always admired. Today’s social life and dressing styles created some consciousness about butt beauty so we aesthetic surgeons have developed new techniques about butt aesthetics.

In the back and side views a beautiful buttock should begin from the upper border of the hip bone and last on the line where the leg begins. It should have a bulge with maximum projection point in the middle and the curve should have an even convexity.

There are a couple of problems which compromise buttock aesthetics and they are discussed under these topics:

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