How to Achieve a Beautiful Body

Body Beauty

Woman’s body

Especially for young women body beauty is as important as face beauty. When you look at the naked human body from a distance female body have some characteristic features: In the upper chest area there is a convex contour due to the breasts fullness. Inferiorly this convexity is immediately followed by a marked concavity in the waist area. From the lower part of the waist another convexity begins and descends down to the hip and continuous over the thigh until the knee in a harmonious way. This appearance is usually described as hourglass. Below the knee the calf area should be narrowed until the ankle in a straight way. Bowed legs are not attractive and also below the knee area should not be larger than the knee. Unlike some fashion models thin narrow hips and flat thighs do not represent femininity and attractivity. The most important descriptive part of woman’s body is narrow waist and markedly large hip and buttocks. The abdomen should be flat and the belly button should be positioned high with a slight bulging around it.

Man’s body

The characteristic appearance of the male body is different from that of women. The shoulders should be wide and muscular and the chest should be narrowing down like a triangle with the top down to the waist. Male hips should be narrow. Thick thighs and calves with prominent muscle contours strengthen the masculine appearance. The abdomen also should be flat but muscle contours so called “six packs” may be visible and unlike woman it is desirable.

Reasons of unsightly body appearance


Obesity, which is the disease of our age, may arise from familial and metabolic reasons, as well as from excessive nutrition and inappropriate living habits. The treatment of obesity is a complex issue that can be achieved through the collaboration of various disciplines.

Stubborn fat deposits

Some people with normal weight may have unwanted fat deposits in certain parts of their bodies. Especially women with normal even lower BMI levels may have stubborn fat in their upper lateral thigh, belly, abdominal and inner knee areas. It is not possible to eliminate this excess fat with weight loss without deforming the other normal parts of the body. Fortunately liposuction is a good treatment for these unwanted fat deposits. You may visit this page for further information about liposuction:

Pregnancy and giving birth

Mothers pay a big price after every birth in terms of their body image. Abdominal skin sags and torn with birthmarks, abdominal wall weakens with bulging and breasts lost their original shape. There are so called “mommy makeover” procedures to correct these deformities. You may read following page to get more information about this procedure:

Inadequate fullness of body parts

In woman’s body as we mentioned before the important descriptive features are full breasts, slim waist and full buttocs in continuity with tighs. This feminine contour may be disfigured by some conditions

  • Small and/or dropped breasts: It may be seen in any age. Treatment is breast augmentation for small breasts and breast lifting for dropped breasts. To get more information about breast augmentation click: You may also click: for breast lift operation.
  • Thick belly: Waist circumference should be shorter than breast and buttocks circumferences. Especially buttocs almost always should be larger then the belly. If not there are some options for treatment:
  • Inadequate contour in hip area: Narrow hip is acceptable in man but not attractive in woman. There are some options for buttock augmentation:
    • Augmentation and recontouring with buttock implants
    • Reshaping and augmentation the buttocks with autologous fat grafts.

Autologous fat is a better material than the silicone implants if it is available. In very slim patients it may be difficult to harvest adequate fat for necessary contouring. In experienced hands fat augmentation gives very satisfactory and long lasting results with minimal postoperative problems.

For a desirable body appearance we plastic surgeons work as a sculptor. We lower the bulging areas by removing fat and we treat the depressed or inadequately bulged areas by fat injecting. As a rule we never dispose the suctioned excess fat even if we don’t need it at that time, instead we freeze the fat in deep freeze (-80 centigrade degree) and preserve up to two years in case we may need it the future.