Non surgical tightening of the skin

So called “face ironing” procedure employs heat energy to tighten the skin without wounding. This group of procedures also called as “knifeless aesthetics”

RF (Radio Frequency): High frequency electromagnetic waves (used in microwave ovens) produce heat. They may tighten the collagen in the skin without burning the skin. Machines using these waves can be used without anesthesia as outpatient basis. There is no wound and no downtime. But their effects may be seen in time and after repeated exposures.

IPL (Intense pulsed light): It is another kind of intensified light source of certain wavelength. It produces heat in the deep layers of the skin without wounding the skin. It is non invasive and can be done in outpatient bases without anesthesia. Effects may be seen by time and repeated treatments may be necessary.

Both RF and IPL tighten the skin and IPL is useful for treatment of skin spots, freckles and visible vessels.

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You may visit the website of American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for pre and post-op pictures (please read)

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