Should pre & post operative pictures of aesthetic patients have shown publicly?

Why to see the possible result in advance?

Aesthetic surgery concerns with the appearance of people. Aesthetic operations are performed in healthy and normal humans. Patients want to be more attractive and beautiful. If it is not achieved would be real trouble.  For this reason it is not surprising that patients who seek aesthetic surgery want to learn and see the final result before the operation.

Are pictures reliable?

Today’s technology enables changing the pictures unbelievably. So some pre and post operative pictures could be misleading. As an example you can look at the above pictures. Both are the same celebrity with normal appearance and after makeup and picture manipulation.

How does aesthetic patient choose a plastic surgeon?

The answer of this question was different 40 years ago than today.

Before the internet era patients choose their doctors by their academic career

, reputation, workplace (University Hospital or well known private hospital) and most importantly by friend recommendation. Advertisements and mentions in the printed media were also very important.