What Does a Beautiful Body Mean?

Are Slim Bodies Beautiful?

Body aesthetics are particularly important for women. Some persons usually consider slim bodies as beautiful.

Food intake is essential for survival and unfortunately hunger is a real problem for many countries in the world. In contrast developed countries produce more food than they need. The food industry grows continuously and encourages people to consume their products whether they need or not. Consequently being overweight or obese is an endemic situation in these countries.

Excess fat or weight is an important reason for people to visit aesthetic plastic surgeons. Especially stubborn fat is the most important concern for women.

However the body beauty does not express itself with the amount of fat or weight. As everybody knows that for a healthy life there should be a balance between height and weight. This is called as BMI (body mass index). This should be between 20 and 25. But that does not mean that every individual within this range will have a beautiful body or people having somehow lower or higher BMIs are always have unsatisfactory body appearance.

Beautiful body is a perception behind the eyes of the viewers and changes according to the culture, race, Ages and individuals. But there are also some key-points about body beauty. A beautiful female body should have prominent breasts not too big nor too small. There should be a nice concave curve between the torso and waist and another convex curve should emphasize the buttock. Outer edge of the buttock should made the pic and the convexity of the curve should gradually diminish through the knee.

The most important factor for female body beauty is the ratio between waist circumference and buttock circumference. If this ratio is lower than 0,8 women are considered more attractive and beautiful. As an example a woman with 70 cm waist circumference and 85 cm buttock circumference (ratio 0,82) looks less attractive than a women with 75 cm waist circumference and 110 cm buttock circumference (ratio 0,68). Of course the shapes of the legs would be harmoniously narrow from buttocks to knees and harmoniously continue from knees to ankles. Convexity of the inner or outer sides of the calf is not attractive.

So we aesthetic-plastic surgeons are responsible to make a body more beautiful not thin. A slim woman with narrow hip should have buttock enlargement. An overweight woman can not be transformed to a slim one with plastic surgery alone but can be made more attractive just narrowing her waist and reshaping the body to express nice contours between breasts, waist, buttocks, and legs. She would be much beautiful even she is still overweight.

As conclusion weight control is important for beauty but it is not the only factor which determines the body beauty.