Stretch Marks (Striae)


What is it?

Stretch marks in the skin are a nuisance of especially young mothers. They are called as “striae” and may seen after pregnancies, obesity and rapid growing conditions in the abdomen, breasts, shoulder and arms.

How it happens?
If the skin enlarges and stretches rapidly in a short time deep part of the skin (dermis) is torn and wounded due to the tension. After wound healing the color, thickness, appearance and texture of the skin changes over these areas. The reason for stretch mark other than pregnancy and obesity are rapid growing in adolescence, collagen disease and long term use of cortisone ointments.

Is there a treatment for stretch marks?

Unfortunately there is not a medically approved treatment for stretch marks. However striae in the lower abdominal wall can be eliminated by removing this skin by abdominoplasti procedure.

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