Tummy Tuck

Abdominal wall is and essential part of body aesthetics.

Aesthetically acceptable abdomen (tummy) should be seen flat from front and side view. Belly button should be placed higher than the upper border of the hip bone. Abdominal skin should be smooth, tight and not sagged.

Conditions compromising tummy beauty: Bloated stomach and fatty tummy are the most frequent complaint about abdominal aesthetics. Some diseases, obesity, abdominal wall weakness, and hernias may cause this problem.

Appearance, tightness and condition of the abdominal skin is also important in body aesthetics. Most common problem relating to abdominal skin is stretch marks or striae. Due to the sudden enlargement (pregnancy or fat accumulation) deep parts of the skin is torn and heals with visible scar tissue. Elasticity of the abdominal skin may lost (pregnancy, frequent weight changes and age) and eventually skin sags and makes a fold over pubis

How tummy appearance can be changed to better?

Aesthetical correction of the abdominal wall (tummy tuck) is named as abdominoplasty.

Different treatment options are available for abdominal beauty:

If the deformity is related to fat excess only and the wall is strong and the skin is tight then the liposuction is the preferred procedure.

If there is no excess fat and bulging but only moderately excess skin problem then the mini abdominoplasty may be choice.

Treatment for abdominal muscle weakness, hernias, excess skin and stretch marks is abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) operation


After a transverse cut over the pubis, skin is elevated away from muscles and excess part is removed and sutured back. Navel also is adopted to the new position.

This operation effectively treats the bulging, hernias, skin sag but partially removes the stretch marks (only below the navel).

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You may visit the website of American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for pre and post-op pictures (please read)

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