Beware of black market aesthetics

Most aesthetic operations require surgical skills but some aesthetic procedures like injections do not. Non surgical or non invasive aesthetic procedures are rapidly increasing and many individuals are trying to have share from this profitable market even they are not eligible to perform aesthetics.

Butt enlargement or augmentation is one of the rapid increasing procedures recently. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez created a new body image for women. Beginning from Brazil round and prominent buttocks are now considering as femininity and this impression is spreading to the other parts of the world quickly.

Buttock enlargement or aesthetics can be performed by outologous fat injections, by silicone implants or by some inorganic (not related to the living body parts) material injections.

Most aesthetic surgeons including Prof. Ozgentas prefer fat injections for butt augmentation however it is costly and requires fully equipped operating room conditions. This environment is only available in hospitals or surgical outpatient clinics.

Commercially produced inorganic injectable materials may be used without operating room conditions but they are not reliable and safe for butt enlargement.

In black market butt injections for enlargement purposes have been used by unqualified persons. Cheap prices may sometimes lure careless persons and unfortunately a number of treatments are done in pirate clinics or hotel rooms or apartment basements. CNN reported the story of 30 years old Rhode Island woman who had butt injections. She experienced severe problems a few hours after injections and fortunately survived after weeks of hospital care and the person who performed the injection vanished leaving an empty building instead of so called “clinic”. Although she was lucky enough because not died her life will never be the same again because of severe lung and vessel damages.

Industrial silicone is the most easily available material for this kind of illegal injection and most fake aestheticians use it. However there are some other materials like plymethylmethacrylate used for this purpose and none of them are legally approved for butt enlargement. In wrong hands even legitimate medical injectables may be deathly if used inappropriately. Despite the public education efforts of medical societies public do not care enough black market aesthetics and criminal investigations are not stop death tolls related to the illegal aesthetics.

Aesthetics are valuable and not dangerous in reliable hands. The best way to get safe aesthetics is to find a doctor or confirm the doctor who is claiming himself or herself as “aesthetic surgeon” from websites of national or international Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Societies like ASAPS or ISAPS.


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