Filler for cheek volume replacement is approved by FDA

Galderma, a global company producing injectable hyaluronic acid products announced that it will market Restylane® Lyft.

Hyaluroic acid (HA) is the most frequently used injectable synthetic material to correct wrinkles and to give fullness to the lips. There are different brand names in the market. Until know none of these products get approval from FDA for using cheek fullness.

Restylane® Lyft is some kind of injectable hyaluronic acid gel containing local anesthetic solution and designed to use in cheek and smile lines. Cheek area also known as midface may have loose its volume with ages and these volume loss causes skin sag and old appearance. Galderma claims that after Restylane® Lyft injection cheek fullness stays  in 88.7% of the cases 2 months after and stays in 54.3% of the cases one year after.

Autologous (taken from the same person) fat is still the best known material for cheek augmentation and wrinkle treatment however harvesting fat requires operating room conditions and costly. Injectable materials like hyaluronic acid can be applied in examination room conditions and more user friendly. This makes them popular among so called “aestheticians”.

Prof. Ozgentas prefers autologous fat injections for face rejuvenation and volume replacement because fat is natural and stays forever after “take”.

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