Hand aesthetics

Hands reflect many aspects of our personality. A lot of information about a person can be obtained just looking at her/his hands: Social and cultural level, job, health status and most importantly age. Whatever her/his face looks like the age can be predict from the appearance of the hands.

For people caring about aesthetics hand beauty is a must. A beautiful hand should have smooth skin without stains, clean and well shaped nails and healthy appearance.

Skin of the hand ages earlier than the other parts of the body. Elderly hands have less soft tissue volume, more prominent and increased vessels, and stained and wrinkled skin. Aged hand is dry and sometimes resembles a skeleton. There are many reasons for hand aging including sun exposure, harsh environmental conditions and diseases.

Hand aesthetics include following procedures:

  •  Treatment of age spots. Chemical peeling, laser and light therapy (IPL, Fraxel) may improve the skin quality and reduce the stains. Fat injections also reduce the spots and improve the skin texture.
  • Treatment of wrinkles. Fat injections, some fillers, chemical peels, intecse pulsed light (IPL) laser skin resurfacing can be used to eliminate wrinkles.
  • Hand lift. In hands with very loose and excess skin, excision and tightening  of the skin may result better appearance.
  • Laser vein treatment or sclerotherapy. Unsightly noticeable and protruding veins can be obliterated or damaged by laser light or injection of scarring chemicals

Fat injection is the world wide accepted procedure for hand rejuvenation and Prof. Ozgentas prefers this procedure for hand aesthetics.


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