Breast Asymmetry

If the shape, volume, appearance or placement of the breasts are not same it is called as “breast asymmetry“. Although small asymmetries are common market differences between breast are unpleasing aesthetically and creates psychological discomfort.

The differences between breasts and treatment options can be described like this:

Volume differences between breasts: The important point is which breast is considered as “normal” by the patient. Small breast will be made larger (augmentation), or large breast can be made smaller (reduction) or at the same session one breast is made smaller and the other breast is made larger to maintain the symmetry.

Difference of conical appearance between breasts: Breast lift (mastopexy) is done to the sagged breast.

Difference of the placement of nipples without other deformities: After determining which sided nipple is relatively normal then the other one is moved to the same position to maintain symmetry.

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