Big Breast

Large breasts (mammary hypertrophy) can be related to genetics, hormonal imbalance, obesity or tumors. Giant breasts (gigantomastia) may cause serious physical discomfort and medical problems (neck and back pain, difficulty in movements, problems with vertebrae and skin below the breasts). There is no need to mention of its obvious psycho-social consequences.

The only treatment for large (particularly giant) breasts is surgical removing of some breast tissue. The name of the operations to make the breasts smaller is “breast reduction” or “reduction mammaplasty“. There are several reduction techniques which leaves different scars. Dr. Ozgentas uses his personal reduction technique resulting periareolar and short vertical scar and his technique was presented at the world congress of the International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS) in 2013 (Santiago, Chile).

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You may visit the website of American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for pre and post-op pictures (please read)

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