Small breast

Small breasts may be congenital (breast hipoplasia) or may be the result of breast atrophy (shrinkage of the breasts later). Definition (or impression) of small breast is different between cultures, ages and even between individuals. Although most of the cases it is not a disease or anomaly it may create psychological disturbance.

Correction of small breasts (breast enlargement) is usually by surgery and called as “breast augmentation“. There are several ways to enlarge breasts. Most popular method is to use inorganic implantation materials or prosthesis. Breast prosthesis are produced from different materials in different shape, texture and hardness. Silicon breast prosthesis are very well known material in the world among these products.

Breast prosthesis can be put from various cuts. Sub mammary incision, periareolar incision and axillary incisions are popular cuts for prosthesis entrance. Inside, the prosthesis is placed behind the beast tissue either under or over the chest muscle (pectoral muscle).

Recently autologous (harvested from the same person) fat injections are emerging as a new breast enlargement way.

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