Do you know the reasons of breast sagging?

Sagging breasts are aesthetically unacceptable. Most women concern this situation and the reasons for breast drooping are always wondered. At the same time prevention or correction of breast sagging is also a very popular issue.

What makes breasts projected? Breasts are mainly composed of fat and breast tissue. Both of them are very soft and if we hang them they tend to drop downwards. There are some small fibers between breast and chest skin which tighten the breast closely to the skin. These fibrous connections prevent breast drooping and maintain the breast projection.

Naturally connections between breast and chest skin loosen and also the skin itself loosens and drops by aging. So aging causes breast drooping. But there are other situations that breasts may sag even very early ages. Excessive enlargement and then sudden volume losses will destroy the fibrous attachments between breast and skin. Additionally enlargement of the breast makes an expansion effect over the skin and  if deflation occurs skin and breast attached to it drops. This situation is seen in pregnancies and sudden and excessive weight gain and losses.

There are many questions and statements about breast sagging. Let us check the validity of these:

Is it possible to prevent or treat the breast sagging by specified exercises? No. Whatever you do about the condition of chest muscles will not change the position of breasts. Chest muscles are under the breast and they have nothing to do with breast projection. Similarly the volume or function loss of the chest muscles do not compromise breast projection.

Does breastfeeding cause breast dropping? No. Scientific research indicates that mothers who breastfeed their babies have healthier and better breasts than the mothers who do not breastfeed. In fact pregnancy is a risk factor in terms of breast dropping but breastfeeding is not. If the weight gain in pregnancy is kept between normal limits it may not cause unwanted effects over breasts.

Smoking is generally harmful but breasts are not a target. Wrong. Smoking damages the skin and also the breast skin. Damaged breast skin sags earlier and consequently breasts drop earlier.

Can bra wearing prevent breast sagging? No. There is no scientific evidence that wearing bra have any beneficial effect over breast sagging in the ordinary population. The only exception is some sports that cause vigorous up and down breast movements which eventually drop the breasts and wearing a sport bra may have some benefits.

Is tanning helpful for breasts? No. Exposure to the sunlight damages breast skin. Ultraviolet light loosens and damages the skin and results in the dropping of the skin and breasts.

Is aging cause breast dropping? Somewhat. The skin lost its elasticity by aging. Breast skin also loosens by age and sags, so the breasts sag. But women with large breasts are more prone to sagging than small breasts.

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