Latest trend in aesthetics: Designer vagina

Concern to aesthetics is growing surprisingly. Although genital area is not exposed in daily life vagina aesthetics are in the armamentarium of aesthetic surgeons in the last decade. Women requested to shorten their vaginal lips (labia minora) in the beginning and later came the demand for tighter vagina. New definitions lile “G-spot” and “designer vagina” aroused in the community.

Vaginal aesthetics or vaginoplasty are ambiguous procedures because there is no standard opinion about “beautiful looking vagina”. However contemporary swim wear styles put the female genital silhouette in front of the public more frequently and consequently some kind of women genitalia fashion was created. Some women do not want their genital parts (mainly labia minora) to be bulged out from their lower bikini parts or swim wears. Also having long or prominent labia minora is “out” for some women.

Demand for labia minora shortening had a quick response from aesthetic surgeons. There are different operations for this purpose. The most important fact to remember is genitalia plays an important role in our life. Operations performed by unqualified stuff may result disastrous consequences and may seriously impair sexual life.

If you seek vaginoplasty firstly look for a board certified plastic surgeon and secondly ask his/her experience in this field.

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