Injectable materials may not be safe in wrong hands

Famous Brazilian model and Tv presenter Andressa Urach is in trouble with her cosmetic addiction. She is struggling to survive from sepsis (it is the invasion of blood with microbes which may be fatal) in a Brazilian hospital’s intensive care unit.

Miss Urach is well known with her attractive buttocks and she is one of the front runners of Brazil’s Miss BumBum beauty contest. But her beauty was not completely natural. She revealed that she had injections into her bottom to make it larger and more prominent. The names of the filler materials were hyrogel and PPMA. But later she had complaints around the injection sides and finally she had multiple abscesses draining outside from her bottom and leg. Since the injected materials were dispersed into the muscle and fat completely removing them was very difficult if not impossible.

Why this happened? Most important reason is making decisions with the lure of media. Most media celebrities rely on aestheticians who are in the media with attractive advertisements and miraculous treatment news without dealing their medical or scientific background. It is said that Andressa Urach had his injections from a non certified practitioner.

Are all fillers harmfull? Not at all. But hydrogel and PPMA are different. Hydrogel is a water pulling agent. Although it is used for a filler by some aestheticians it is not approved for butt augmentation by FDA (Federal Drug Administration) and it is not advised to use for this purpose. PPMA is a chemical material which is called as polymethylmethacrylate. Some forms of this material is used as a face filler but it is not appropriate for large volume replacement.

Any kind of procedures that put some material into the body whether by injection or operation should be considered seriously. If you are planning even to have a so called non invasive procedure you should search a board certified plastic and aesthetic surgeon.

Prof. Dr. Ege Ozgentas uses patient’s own fat for large volume replacements like buttock augmentation. Materials taken from the same person are called as autogenous material and they are always more reliable than the foreign (inorganic) materials.

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