Small and flat buttocks

Although many fashion models have thin bodies with minimal butts, prominent buttocks are the symbol of femininity. Beginning from 1993 buttock augmentation procedures are increasing in South and North America and Europa.

To enlarge small buttocks or give them roundness there are two main operations:

  • Buttock prosthesis: Like breast prosthesis there are buttock prosthesis available in the market. They are mainly made of pure silicone and produced in different shape and sizes. They are inserted into the buttocks from the sulcus between them.
  • Fat injection: If some excess fat is available in the other parts of the body this method is the most natural way of buttock reformation. Fat is harvested by cannulas (blunt tipped sticks with a hole within) and suction pump from small holes same as liposuction and collected. After discarding blood, fluids and broken fat cells, live fat tissue is injected into the buttocks with syringe and blunt tipped needle like cannulas. The disadvantage of this procedure is one session may not be enough for augmentation and repeated injections may be needed with 4 to 6 months intervals. Another disadvantage is in very thin persons enough amount of fat may not be available to harvest.

Although there are some other commercially available synthetic injectable materials for this purpose none of them are approved by FDA and their safety and efficacy are not clear.

Prof. Ozgentas prefers fat injections for buttock augmentation and does not recommend other injectable materials.

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