Are you a healthy obese?

Obesity is a growing healthcare issue and generally it is not acceptable if someone is dealing with aesthetics.

Is obesity a disease?

The answer of this question is controversial for some people. As we all know there are many obese people living a healthy life with normal blood tests and free of diseases. This fact created a new concept: “Healthy obese.”

Healthy obese description is dangerous and confusing. It may result to underestimate the long term problems of obesity.

ella-smithA scientific paper published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, revealed some important findings. One third of the obese people which are completely healthy at the beginning of the study have some health problems related to the obesity in five years. With longer followup considerable number of obese people switch to unhealthy obese situation.

Healthy appearance in obesity is deceiving and not long lasting. Sooner or later health problems related to obesity will be obvious. Besides obesity intervenes with aesthetics. Although we plastic and aesthetic surgeons can help obese people to reduce physical problems and diminish the unaesthetic body image with some operations, for a better quality life obesity should be corrected first.

Unsightly  fat depositions are not seen only in fat people. There are many women and men with decent weight but obvious fat deposition in their thighs or abdomens. Additionally in many people after proper weight loss there may be still remaining unwanted fat depositions. Best treatment of these localized fat excess is liposuction. But let us remind again that liposuction is not a good option for obesity treatment.

Obesity is a preventable and treatable health issue. If someone believes the harmful effects of the obesity it will be easier to fight against it. There is no “healthy obesity”.

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